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The LOEWE project "FLAME – Fermi Level Engineering of Antiferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage and Insulation Systems" investigates how the properties of functional materials can be adjusted via their electronic structure.

Twelve research groups from the fields of materials science, geosciences, chemistry, electrical engineering and information technology will develop lead-free antiferroelectrics for capacitors with high energy and power density and for high-voltage insulators. These enable more efficient conversion and transmission of electrical energy from renewable sources and in electromobility. The Tongji University in Shanghai is also involved in the project.

The research approach, which can be transferred to other materials and fields of application, is based on the adjustment of optimized electronic structures (“Fermi Level Engineering”), which can be predicted with computer simulations and realized experimentally. This enables a precise adjustment of the properties along with shorter development periods.

The project is being funded from January 2019 to March 2023 by the State of Hesse within the 11th season of the LOEWE Initiative.


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