FLAME Symposium: Antiferroelectric Dielectrics for Energy Storage Applications

Our experts will provide insightful talks regarding the recent developments and challenges in the design, characterization, and modeling of new dielectric materials for energy storage, with a particular focus on antiferroelectrics.

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Overview of our Symposium Speakers

CeraLink: An Antiferroelectric Capacitor for Power Electronics

Dr. Thorsten Bayer Corporate Research & Development, Material Development, Piezo and Protection Devices TDK Electronics GmbH, Austria

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Lattice Dynamics and Intermediate Phases in Antiferroelectric Perovskites

Elena Buixaderas Institute of Physics Department of Dielectrics Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

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Prof. Dr. Gustau Catalán Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia Barcelona, Spain

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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) in Low-Loss Inverters for Electromobility

Dr. Guenter F. Engel CeraCap Technology & Innovation Consulting, CeraCap Engel priv. ltd., Austria

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Electric Field Dependent Dielectric Permittivity of Antiferroelectrics

Dr. Lovro Fulanović Nonmetallic- Inorganic Materials | LOEWE FLAME Technical University of Darmstadt

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Lead-free Antiferroelectric AgNbO3

Prof. Dr. Jing-Feng Li School of Materials Science and Engineering Tsinghua University, China

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Searching for New Non-Perovskite Antiferroelectric Materials

Dr. Maël Guennou Department of Physics and Materials Science University of Luxembourg

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Electric Hysteresis of the Antiferroelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Transition

Prof. Dr. Xiaoli Tan Department of Materials Science and Engineering Iowa State University

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Time- and Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of Energy Storage in Antiferroelectric PbZrO3

Dr. Xiankui Wei Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons Materials Science and Technology FZ Jülich

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