The project is divided into five sub-projects with 21 work packages:    Subproject A produces antiferroelectric materials. The process parameters that lead to phase mixtures and microstructures with suitable properties have to be identified especially for the compositions defined in the project.   The main task of subproject B is the analysis of the electronic structure of antiferroelectric materials and the clarification of the connections to antiferroelectric properties. The aim is to predict the composition of antiferroelectric materials, which will then be produced in subproject A.   In subproject C, the atomic structure of the materials produced in subproject A is being analyzed and compared with the structures predicted in subproject B in order to refine the calculations.   Antiferroelectric properties are essentially characterized by temperature- and field-dependent phase transitions. The aim of subproject D is to develop experimental methods and simulation methods in order to understand these phase transitions and the underlying influencing variables. This is a prerequisite for the adjustment of the properties.    In subproject E, capacitors and insulators are manufactured and their properties are being determined. In addition to feedback regarding the subprojects A, B and D, suitable sample geometries, electrode materials and process parameters can be found.